This part gives you basic terms and definitions, that will help you successfully start and work with HFS:


File is the base unit of information HFS server works with. It consists of

  • ID: unique file identificator the file can be accessed with;
  • Info: attributes of the file, such as name, size, content type, date of upload, re-validation date;
  • Data: binary or text content of the file.

File upload

  • Your application generates upload form with HFS server as a target URL;
  • User uploads one or several files (depends on your form);
  • HFS server:
    • stores uploaded files or generates an error if upload fails (e.g. violates restrictions);
    • redirects User to the callback URL with upload result token;
  • User agent notifies your application with callback URL;
  • Your application handles:
    • uploaded files information and their IDs.
    • or error details if upload fails

File download

  • Your application generates download URL for the file ID;
  • User agent opens download URL;
  • HFS server responds with requested file data.

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