Kuzma Deretuke - CEO of UrsaJ Ltd

About Kuzma

Hi there :-)

I'm Kuzma, the founder of UrsaJ Ltd.

I started this project in 2012 after having realized the evil of the SaaS services.

Many companies cannot or don't want to use SaaS solutions. Instead, they create own in-house systems, wasting the time and resources on the tasks, already solved in the cloud world.

I've spent the last three years to help these companies. Your cloud have to be under your absolute control. I believe this is the future.

I love the world of Programming. I discovered it in 1998 and dive deeper and deeper. I have a need to create effective solutions and to improve everything I'm able to.

I’m lucky to live with my wife near the beautiful Greenwich Park in London. When I’m not working hard to grow UrsaJ project, you can probably find me walking nearby... or climbing far away.

Sveta Deretuke, Kuzma Deretuke and Marina Rappoport – Teide, Tenerife, Spain

I love meeting other entrepreneurs and interesting people of all kinds. Feel free to email me directly anytime: [email protected].

Enjoy the site. And I hope you’ll give UrsaJ File Storage a try!