UrsaJ: HTTP File Storage

UrsaJ File Storage is a software system to keep and stream user-uploaded files on your hardware inside your infrastructure.

Speed up development

  • Stop reinventing file management system in each new web application.
  • Use ready solution and unified File Storage API.

Optimize hardware

  • Stop serving files within application servers.
  • Let HFS Server do the job it is optimized for.
  • Serve multiple applications within a single HFS Server setup.

Simplify operation

  • Forget about file conflicts on rollouts from staging into production and visa versa.
  • Make backups consistent regardless the lag between Database and File Storage snapshots.

Key features

  • UrsaJ File Storage works on your hardware inside your infrastructure.
  • File Storage API boosts your web applications and development time.
  • Active-active storage servers installation grants you incredible reliability.

HFS Server

  • Delivers files to users (downstream).
  • Handles uploads from users (upstream).
  • Dispatches thousands concurrent requests in non-blocking manner.
  • Provides uniform, robust and scalable File Storage API for integration with your applications.


You use Databases when you need to keep data organized. It is much simpler and cheaper to use standard Database APIs than reinventing your custom solution.

The same applies to organized collections of files. File Storage API usage is the most effective way to speed up your development and simplify maintenance.


  Amazon Google Rackspace Microsoft Nimbus UrsaJ
Platform SaaS SaaS SaaS SaaS SaaS, AGPL Your Hardware
Rest API S3 Google S3-like Azure S3-like Web Optimized
File Management Manual Manual Manual Manual Manual Garbage Collection
Store*, TB / Month 3.3 TB 3.8 TB 1 TB 4.2 TB 5 TB Unlimited
Transfer*, TB 1.1 TB 8.3 TB 0.8 TB 1.1 TB 1.7 TB Unlimited

* The value-for-money is the most transparent metric to compare pricing plans of our competitors. Volumes were estimated for the base cost - 800 GBP / 12 - a monthly cost of a single Commercial License.

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